Take a Decade off Your Face! Cheat Your Age With Vitamin C & Phytoceramides Recommended By The Nations Top Plastic Surgeons!

Dr Oz's Secret #1- Vitamin C!

Vitamin C plays a vital role in having healthy skin. You naturally have vitamin C in your skin. This is why young skin is so vibrant, bright, and bouncy. As skin ages it naturally loses vitamin C. This is a fact! In addition to aging, other contributing factors that cause loss of vitamin C in the skin are toxins like cigarette smoke and sun damage.

The most powerful function of vitamin C is that it produces collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives the skin it's elasticity and bounce.

Therefore, losing vitamin C in your skin, you lose collagen. End result? Wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots. Yuck!

So knowing these facts here's what we do next...

While taking a vitamin C supplement is beneficial to your health and you should continue to do so,  you need a topical vitamin C moisturizer or serum for your face to fight and treat signs of aging. Applying topical vitamin C can be 20 times more effective than just taking it orally.

It has been suggested by a renowned plastic surgeon seen on the Dr Oz show to combine vitamin C and vitamin E for a super powered combo. The vitamin C works even better when combined with vitamin E.

How do I treat wrinkles?
Vitamin C produces collagen. We lose collagen as we lose vitamin C with age, sun damage, and cigarette smoking. Using a vitamin C serum or moisturizer can help counteract wrinkles from forming by producing collagen in the skin. Remember, combining vitamin C with vitamin E is found to be the best combo for a super powered punch!

How do I treat age spots?
You don't need chemical peels or lasers to treat age spots. Vitamin C can have almost the same results. Age spots or dark spots are sun damage. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and can help reverse the damage on skin with sunburned cells.

When is the best time to apply vitamin C?
It is suggested to use the topical vitamin C after you exfoliate in the morning.

Where do I buy a topical vitamin C moisturizer or serum?
You can get vitamin C moisturizers and serums in your local drugstore and online. I will tell you what to look for when purchasing.

What do I look for when buying a vitamin C moisturizer? How do I know which products to buy? What vitamin C products work best?
There are hundreds of products on the market today. You have to look carefully at what you are purchasing so you know what you are paying for.  You have to look for a product that contains between 3% and 10% of vitamin C and include the active ingredient ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid.
Also, pay attention to the packaging. Antioxidants including vitamin C can deteriorate and not be  effective in the presence of air and light. Make sure you buy an airtight product in transparent packaging.

When will I see results after using a vitamin C moisturizer or serum? How long does vitamin C take to work on my skin?
The results very with each person, however, results can be expected in a little as 2 to 4 weeks while others may take 4 to 6 weeks. Most people will see great results within 6 months.

Can I crush up a vitamin C supplement and mix it with my regular moisturizer?
Vitamin C needs to be put in an acidic base in order to penetrate the skin a work. There is a specific formula of vitamin C and acidic base that are appropriately combined. So, no I would suggest not doing this yourself. The wrong proportions will not work or penetrate the skin. Too much my do more damage to your skin. You don't want that.

Can I use vitamin C instead of sunblock?
No. Vitamin C is not a sunblock. Continue using your regular sunblock to protect your skin form the sun's harmful rays. You can however look for a sunblock that contains vitamin C.

What products should I try? Can you recommend a product for me?
After doing my own research for the last couple of days, I personally just placed an order for Vitamin C + E Complex by Skin Medica. It has 15% vitamin C combined with vitamin E. This is even more than the recommended dose of vitamin C. This is why the vitamin C is one of the first ingredients on the ingredient list. I am very excited to try this!

I am currently doing more research so I can offer more suggestions that meet the recommended amount of vitamin C!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your comments below.

Dr Oz's Secret #2 - Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides help reduce lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of your skin. The FDA just approved the oral use of this powerful anti-aging supplement that has been used in Japan for years.

What are phytoceramides?
Phytoceramides are plant derived (Phyto means plant). You lose ceramides as you age and begin to wrinkle. Taking phytoceramides orally will get absorbed into the bloodstream, carried to the inner layer of the skin then it seeps into the outer layer of the skin where the wrinkles and sun damage is. It will moisturize, restore, and repair wrinkles and sun damaged skin.

How much phytoceramides do I take? What is the dosage of phytoceramides?
Take 350mg a day with food.

How much are phytoceramides?
Phytoceramides cost approx $10 for a 1 month supply

Can I take phytoceramides when pregnant or breastfeeding? Can I take phytoceramides if nursing?
No. Do not take phytoceramides while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are phytoceramides safe?
Phytoceramides are likely safe for most people, however, if you are gluten sensitive you should not take them because they are commonly wheat based. You can look for phytoceramides however that are sweet potato based if you are sensitive to gluten.

Dr Oz's Secret # 3 - Exfoliation 

Exfoliate the skin every morning! This will remove the top layer of dead skin that makes you look dull! Exfoliating will allow creams and serums to soak in more thoroughly.